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Veteran's Memorial Park Flags

Each year Muskegon Northside Lions have the honor of placing the United States flags around the perimeter of coordinate the Veteran's Memorial Causeway Park. Each Spring we clean and mark the pole sockets and replace pole sockets as needed.


This Park is located on the East end of Muskegon Lake, where a four lane divided highway connects North Muskegon to Muskegon crossing the Muskegon River. The Park is situated between the North bound and South bound lanes of what Muskegonites refer to this area as the "Causeway" is also referred to as “Michigan’s Most Beautiful Mile.”

The placement of the flags occur each year during Memorial Day in May, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, and other dates as scheduled.

The privilege of placing the Flags is one that gives the individual an opportunity to reflect on what our friends and neighbors have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms. The view of the Causeway when all the flags are up is spectacular. Old Glory waving in the wind, and the view of the park make for a very beautiful drive along the Eastern shore of Muskegon Lake.


2022 Muskegon Northside Lions'

Causeway Flags Schedule


Flags are set by 8:00am and taken down by 8:00pm


30-May-Memorial Day - Monday

Lions Ed W., Jill K, Doug Krause

14-Jun-Flag Day - Monday

Lions Frank Krol, Kevin Dean, George Dobry

4-Jul-Independence Day - Sunday

Lions Jan I., Jim I. & Chad Hamel

5-Sep-Labor Day - Monday

Lions Lana O., Michael O. & Doug Brown

11-Nov-Veterans Day - Thursday

Lion Jim L., Penny L. & Cinda Cogswell

Special Time due to DST, 9am - 4pm


 Project Contacts:

Lion Jim Larson • Lion Frank Krol • Lion Ron Hansen

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